IP69K veekindlad kaalud FW500E seeria IIIkl.


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veekindel  IP69K   Veekindlad lauakaalud  FW500E seeria.  CE M   vt. videot  

                                                                  Dual interval  -  2 jaotise väärtust.  




 FW500E-6 max 6kg e1 =1g;(0-3kg) e2 =2g;(3-6kg)
 FW500E-15 max 15kg e1 =2g;(0-6kg) e2 =5g;(6-15kg)
 FW500E-30 max 30kg e1 =5g;(0-15kg) e2 =10g;(15-30kg)


                              EÜ  tüübikinnitus    III kl.  Sertifikaat No. UK2967  

                Roostevaba terasest  plate 212 x 247 mm.

 Näidik:   LED,   77x20 mm.
 Töö temperatuuril  -10°C ~ 40°C.
 Taara funktsioon multi-tare.
 HOLD  funktsioon,
hoiab näitu. ( eluskala kaalumisel, ümardab ebastabiilse näidu.)
  Toide:   akupatarei (100h),  adapter
230V AC /DC 12V/1,5A .  Kõik komplektis.
 Välismõõdud  286 x 316 x 126 mm.
 Kaal  3,25kg (akuga) .
 EÜ esmataatlus.





Protection against water :Protection against high water jet temperatures and high water pressure from a flat jet nozzle.
Definition:Water directed at high pressure and at high temperatures onto the enclosure from any direction must not have any harmful effects.IP X9

Testconditions:The enclosure is on a rotary table (5 rpm). Using a flat spray nozzle, and with a pressure of 8000-10008000-1000 FREE kPa at +(80±5)°C, a volume flow of 14-16 litres per minute is sprayed onto the enclosure from a distance of 10-15 cm from specified angles (0°, 30°, 60° and 90°). Test duration: 30 seconds for each position (angle).
Conditions for acceptance:Water aimed at the enclosure from every direction and at greatly increased pressure must not cause any damage.





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